A Study on the Prevalence of 5-Wicket Hauls among Indian Bowlers

Indian bowlers consistently outperform their adversaries on their home turf. Several Indian pitches are conducive to spin and offer substantial support to spin bowlers. Nevertheless, pacers also achieve triumph in numerous sites throughout India.

Indian bowlers have achieved various records when playing at home. Certain bowlers have successfully obtained 5-wicket hauls on many occasions during home matches. Significantly, Indian spinners possess greater physical strength than pacers at their home arenas.

When examining Indian bowlers who have the highest number of 5-wicket hauls at home, spinners are the most prevalent. Nevertheless, there is a particular pacer that distinguishes themselves and has secured a position in the top five ranking. This article examines five Indian bowlers who have achieved the highest number of 5-wicket hauls in the Indian cricket league.

A Study on the Prevalence of 5-Wicket Hauls among Indian Bowlers

Kapil Dev-11

Capil Dev has achieved a total of 11 five-wicket hauls in both One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Tests in India. The former captain of India occupies the fifth position on this list. The right-arm spinner secured a total of 319 wickets in 150 matches played at his home ground. From 1978 to 1994, Dev served as a representative for Team India. It is noteworthy that Kapil Dev is the sole seamer included in this compilation. In a Test match, he achieved a remarkable 9 wickets while conceding 83 runs.

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Ravindra Jadeja – 11 

Ravindra Jadeja, an Indian all-rounder, is fourth on this list with 11 five-wicket hauls in his home match. Team India considers the left-arm spinner to be one of their top all-rounders. Similar to Kapil Dev, Jadeja has also achieved a total of 319 goals on his home turf, but in a just 139 matches. The most impressive performance of the off-spinner in an innings is a total of 7 wickets and 42 runs.

Harbhajan Singh – 20 

Harbhajan Singh, a former off-spinner, is the subsequent Indian bowler to be included in this roster. Throughout his career, the right-arm spinner achieved a total of 20 five-wicket hauls in India. In total, the previous right-arm spinner has taken 376 wickets in 152 matches played at home. He achieved a total of 8 wickets and 84 runs in a Test match, being his most exceptional performance as a bowler on his own turf.

Anil Kumble – 26

Anil Kumble, the foremost wicket-taker in the realm of Indian cricket, secures the second position in the ranking of Indian bowlers with the highest number of wickets in India. Throughout his career, the ex-leg spinner has achieved a total of 26 five-wicket hauls at home. Kumble amassed a total of 476 wickets throughout 153 matches in India, surpassing the performance of any other bowler. In a Test innings, Kumble achieved a total of 10 wickets.

Ravichandran Ashwin – 26

Ravichandran Ashwin, an Indian spinner, is the winner of this list. In India, he has also achieved 26 five-wicket hauls. Nevertheless, the right-arm spinner has accomplished this accomplishment in a total of 121 matches across three different forms.

The off-spinner has secured a total of 429 wickets on Indian territory, trailing behind Kumble. Nevertheless, Ashwin, an active player from India, is expected to secure another wicket in the future, potentially surpassing Kumble on this ranking. Ashwin holds a significant position as the primary Test spinner for India.

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