Dhoni has rendered Shivam Dube incapable of ducking and defending against short balls

Former captain and team talisman Mahendra Singh Dhoni has personally observed Shivam Dube’s transformation into a batter who no longer ducks or defends when confronted with the short ball. This development has impressed Chennai Super Kings batting instructor Michael Hussey.

On Tuesday, Dube, age 30, led CSK in scoring with 51 off 23 balls, which contained five sixes and two fours at a strike rate of 221.74. By 63 runs, the group triumphed over the Gujarat Titans.

“Dube deserves tremendous credit for diligently pursuing the short ball, an area in which he was in need of improvement.” Gratitude be to him; he is currently playing with conviction. Additionally, he poses a threat to the turn. A few years ago, when the opposing team was bowling him short balls, he would merely crouch and defend. He can now not only perform the short ones, but also establish boundaries. Consequently, this serves as evidence of the effort he has devoted, as he has returned it to the bowlers, compelling them to experiment with something novel. Hussey stated, “It will benefit him in the IPL, and if he is given the opportunity to play for his country, it will do him tremendous good.”

Dube’s development is largely attributable to Dhoni working directly with the muscular Mumbai player, his captain Ruturaj Gaikwad disclosed following the match.

Early in his career, Dube struggled with the short ball, but he has handled it exceptionally well this season.

“Simple confidence.” Mahi bhai [Dhoni] and the management all collaborated with him personally when he first arrived. He is aware of his position and the type of bowler he is assuming. “Our tremendous advantage,” Gaikwad said of his game-changing, hard-hitting item.

Dube further discussed the autonomy bestowed upon him by the CSK leadership and emphasized his diligent efforts to remain well-prepared for short balls, particularly in light of the allowance of two bouncers per over.

“This franchise, known as CSK, is unlike any other.” They are granting me liberty. Dube stated after receiving the ‘Player of the Match’ accolade, “They want me to perform better, and I also want to win some matches.”

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